Fall CUE 2017 AudioBiography Resources!

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GarageBand (All-around "home base" for audio production)
iMaschine (Cool digital drum machine/looper)
LoopyHD (Basic live recording and looping)

Thinglink (Regular and 360 images + audio tags)

Padlet (Padlet Backpack is great for schools)

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Annual CUE 2017 Presenter Resources!

Hi All,

Below are the resources I shared in my two CUE Tip sessions during CUE 2017!

P.S. Don't forget to enjoy #cue17 and #rockitout.

Twitter: @eh48
Snapchat: emmo48

Presentation Slides:

CUE Tip: Own Your Tech!
CUE Tip: The "Pied" Piper


Created by yours truly as troubleshooting tool for teachers/students.
Template for creating your own Google Doc resource guide.
Google Slides
Create your own interactive troubleshooting guide!


Reflector 2
Mirroring app for MacOS/Windows for Airplay from an iOS device to a laptop.
Use for creating sketches/illustrations of your classroom setup.
Use for creating organized notes/images/tags of setup-related resources.