Be a Good Glitch-Finder.

Over the past week or so, I have had two experiences that made me feel like a worthy citizen of this digital age.  They both involve finding strange oddities (i.e. annoying glitches) on particular websites.  These glitches were by no means on a monumental scale, but were things I encountered more than thrice on the same site and I was getting fed up.

I am sure many of us in this situation of consistent glitchy-ness would continue to use the site indefinitely, no matter how frustrating (assuming it is a useful site otherwise).  In these two situations, I decided I did not want to sit there and let these seemingly obvious glitches keep swimming down the stream of internet subconsciousness we all float upon (some of the time). 

I wanted to be an advocate for change!

So, in both scenarios, I contacted the support team for the site (by phone if possible) and explained that nothing was immediately wrong on my end, but I wanted to bring to their attention a glitch that I had experienced many times and that they should know about it!

Both companies were extremely helpful and pleased that I was actually going out of my way to help a company become better. 

Now, I am not trying to boast or make myself look like a better human being than everyone else.  I simply want to spread the word that it's very gratifying to know that your observations, quick communication and few minutes of time can not only help a company improve their user experience but can spread positive and proactive thinking across industries.

So, go find some glitches!