Sometimes being analog is okay.
It means doing some things manually
        and a few a day late.  It means breaking things
And putting others away.
Let's all be a little quieter today.

That was a poem to set the right mood.  Yes, my job is primarily focused on technology.  Or, should I say that my job DESCRIPTION is focused on it.  We all work each day to fulfill certain expectations that are imposed on us due to goals set by either a third party or by your own awesome growth mindset.  There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this.  However, how often do you take a step back and realize that "hey, I'm human.  I have needs.  I get hungry.  I get sad.  I get angry.  I get confused, I get... I feel... I need..."  I get.  I feel.  I need.  These characteristics carry forward into the translations of our daily work.  We fill voids that lack empathy and bring perspective to a binary conversation.  We make the water cooler COOLER.  Our job descriptions don't include these very valid human characteristics and perspectives.  They are based on expected actions, activities and results (nothing wrong with it, though).

Go ahead and take a snapshot of today in your mind.  Pick any time that sticks out.  What were you thinking?  What were you planning?  What conversations did you have??  How much of that was in your job description?

All I am saying is that there is a reason they hire humans and not robots.  We could be automatonic or automa--NOT.

Don't exist to check the boxes.
Exist to persist,
Even if a dash or dot gets missed.
Sometimes being analog is okay.