Create Your Own Learning.

Behind every innovation lies three "actions" of design: THINK, BUILD, COMMUNICATE.  No successful product has ever been presented to the world without these three components.  Whether it be a new type of blender, waterproof binoculars or a micro-chip clip, there exists a process of thought, craftsmanship and instruction leading to successful integration and acceptance in our society.  One of these components cannot exist alone.  Even with a near-perfect design, prototype and distribution model, who will be the end user?  How will they find relevancy with the product?  Will they have resources, or an avenue of communication when assistance is needed?

Right now, imagine this "product" is LEARNING.  Forget about the latest watch or a new form of transportation.  Let's get non-tangible.

As humans, we are constantly curious and easily stimulated by the outside world.  Children's minds are like sponges, but they lack the life experience to navigate life's hairpin turns.  Adults often forget the playfulness of discovery, lingering instead on immediate goals and the cause/effect of quick decisions.  If you were the creator of your own learning (as a product of sorts), how might these three components integrate to a personalized and unique innovation?  Consider the following questions:

Think: What inspires you? (How can you best collect and retain information?)
Build: How will you strengthen your understanding? (Can you draw, listen, watch, present?)
Communicate: How will you empower others with this discovery? (How can you explain your ideas with passion?)

When you were a young student, how would you have responded to these questions?
How would you respond TODAY?

No matter what "hat" you wear on a daily basis, we are all students, teachers and participants in life.  Learning is something we should be thinking about, building and expressing constantly.  Isn't that the goal for most of us, to feel so deeply engaged with the world that we can't help but live life to the fullest?

We all have the ability to create our own learning.  Let's ACT on it.